The KA1AAA Website is dedicated to Amateur Radio Emergency Services.

What started years ago as ARICC then IRESC and then GEM has now been given to just helping in Emergency communications the old way, the way it used to be. No Titles, no gimmes no gimmicks. Just old fashion radio communications where one ham helps another and in the combined effort we all help each other. There have been plenty of heroes with all the disasters we have worked and I can’t even begin to name a few as there are too many. Let’s just say us HAMS are always the unsung heroes of any disaster. No fanfare, no trophies, no ‘at a boy’ awards. Just one neighbor helping another.

Let’s all of us continue that concept.

A small detail most of you don’t know or have forgotten:

Those three words at the top of the page…... AMATEUR RADIO SERVICE….
We serve the public. Nowhere does it say ‘hobby’. As HAMS we provide a service to our community and our country.
Treat it as such, then call it a hobby. The FCC giveth and they can taketh. You figure it out 🙂

73 de KA1AAA, Ray