ALERT Levels

When the system is active we use a 4 step Alert level indicator.

Level 3 – Highest, Life and Limb and property are  at risk of danger. Active H&W Nets on All Bands and VOIP.
Example a Category 5 Hurricane in a region.
Evacuations and a State of Emergency is in place.
All Em-comm Volunteers and groups ready to go and on board.
Deployment inevitable.

Level 2 – Precursor for a Level 3 activation.
State of Emergency is declared.
All Communication resources are active with emergency nets.
All Volunteers and em-comm groups have been notified to be ready for deployment.

Level 1 – Guarded monitoring of a situation and event.
Informal nets (if needed) every 8 hours to inform the public and em-comm groups of the event status.

Level 0 – time for a nap.