Florence SitRep

September 15, 2018 – Situation Report for Hurricane Florence

KA1AAA Net stands down 1030hrs. Monitoring event.

Hurricane Florence became a slow moving storm and came ashore in North Carolina with a lot of rain.

The Storm surge in communities like New Bern were upto 10 feet reported via Zello communicators.
The Cajun Navy was and still is active in the area with home to safety recoveries. The local emergency services throughout all the affected communities had asked that you do not call 911 unless it was life or death situations trying to triage this dangerous situation successfully.

The VOIPWX Net as always operated in a fashion of extreme professionalism with their net control stations (NCS) and report handling with over 2400 reports recorded in a short period of time.

The KA1AAA conference server operated as usual, in a listen only mode with at times over 90 users and an average of 68 users for the period. Only one issue, early Friday morning around 4:20 AM the server was reset by the Network Operations Center where it is hosted offsite . The company that provides the service was notified by KA1AAA not to do that again during an event. It had no affect on the operation except for a brief period out of service of about an hour.

Zello communicators were very active but not organized. Had a difficult time trying to sort information from them.

Power outages as of 7:00PM EST 9/14/2018
NC – 749,837
SC – 118,669 = 868,506

Hurricane Florence was downgraded to a Tropical Storm at 5:00PM 9/14/2018 and continues to be a wind and rain event with continued flooding through the night with the surge receding it should take a couple days for deep water flooding to recede. The total amount of rainfall was about 24 inches.

Flash flood warnings remain in affect from NWS throughout the night of 9/14/2018.

73 de KA1AAA



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